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Irresistible Sensual Istanbul Escort Cahide Betul

If you want to relax physically and mentally, I can be exactly the Istanbul escort girl you're looking for. Friendship, sincerity, seduction, passion and excitement! these words exactly describe me. Hello, I'm Cahide Betul, a passionate and loving 29-year-old local Turkish and an independent escort from Istanbul. I have beautiful tight breasts and soft silky hair with smooth skin and perfect curves.

I am a good listener and have a good sense of humor, it is very easy to have a nice chat with me and always have fun. I love to make fun and joke with my fun nature. Also, I am a girl compassionate person you can tell your secrets without hesitation. I want to tell you that I offer you the experience of the most true Istanbul escort by offering you friendship, sincerity, seduction, passion and excitement.

As a naughty turkish girl with you, as the beautiful female escort you can meet in Istanbul, I would be honored to have a night full of fun and fantasy. Whatever your fantasy and experience in your thoughts, please feel free to let me know and I would like to be a part of it.

Fresh, subtle fragrance as well as manicured nails, black long hair and makeup. My style is classic or casual and I come across with a smile that makes your heart beat faster. How about champagne at the start of our meeting? Then a delicious meal. With my carefree, relaxed attitude and honest laughter, we will feel like friend who have met since ancient times. Afterwards, the place where our appointment takes us is entirely up to us. It would be very likely that there would be a great night full of fever and excitement in the bedroom.

If you want to experience what I have written and live an Istanbul night that you cannot forget in your life with an independent Istanbul escort, I will be waiting for you to contact me.





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